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Noun1.power loading - the ratio of the weight of an airplane to its engine power
loading - the ratio of the gross weight of an airplane to some factor determining its lift
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The latest saturated steam generating system could reduce 30% of connected power loading and save between 15% to 25% energy consumption.
MUZAFFARABAD -- Federal Minister for Power Owais Laghari Tuesday directed all electricity companies to reduce power loading shedding for Azad Jammu and Kashmir from 10 to 2 hours in urban areas and 4 hours in rural areas.
The answers to these and similar questions lie in understanding fundamental aerodynamic concepts like wing loading and power loading.
One pilot with about 2000 hours of flight time told me wing and power loading were esoteric concepts, not relevant for everyday flying, and the purview of aircraft engineers only.
Let's try to fix that, by discussing how wing and power loading are determined, their implications for aircraft design implications on wing and power loading, and factors causing wing and power loading to be moving numbers.
Power loading, the ratio of airplane's weight to engine power output, is determined by dividing a propeller-driven airplane's current weight by the engine's generated horsepower (hp).
The analysis has been carried out by means of an original mathematical model of the unit power loading in terms of tool geometry (nose radius) and some elements of the face milling process such as cutting speed, feed per tooth, angle of engagement and axial depth of cut.
Key words: unit power loading, nose radius, milling cutter, mathematical modelling, factorial experiment, response surface method
As standard value of the mechanical energy transferred through cutting tool, Belous (1980) utilises the unit power loading, defined as power consumed by the unit of length of the cutting edge: