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Noun1.Power loom - a loom operated mechanicallypower loom - a loom operated mechanically  
loom - a textile machine for weaving yarn into a textile
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The pattern of cloth production is different from the spinning sector and there are three different sub-sectors in weaving industry: Integrated, Independent Weaving Units and Power Loom Units.
FAISALABAD -- :A fire was broke out in a power loom factory and precious material was reduced to ashes in the area of Ghulam Mohammad Abad police station.
However, some passersby spotted a corpse lying in a deserted place in the rear of a power loom factory in Malik Pur and informed the police.
1743: Edmund Cartwright, inventor of the power loom, was born.
Amongst these, thirty-nine districts were identified for textiles sectoraAC"12 for handloom, 19 for handicraft and 8 for power loom.
The FIEDMC's leasing out of lands complete with pre-fabricated buildings will free up the finances of the power loom firms to invest in all around modernisation and refurbishment of the units.
The committee directed Secretary Textile ministry Shahrukh Nusrat to work out a strategy to revive the power loom sector in Faisalabad.
(30) Silk Rayon Small Units and Power Loom Industry
Speaking about Telangana government's effort, she says it has come up with several schemes such as providing yarn subsidies, loan waiver and separating hand loom from power loom. All the handloom clusters are geo-tagged, to ensure genuinity.
Inventions such as Edmund Cartwright's power loom, that enabled the mass production of cloth, relied on the fuel.
Which 18th century English clergyman invented the power loom?