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Noun1.power user - (computing) a computer user who needs the fastest and most powerful computers available
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
computer user - a person who uses computers for work or entertainment or communication or business
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(NYSE: KEYS), a technology company that helps enterprises, service providers and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, today introduced a new phase noise measurement system for "power users", which enables them to optimize and prove performance of new designs, meet operational requirements, as well as remain on schedule and on budget, the company said.
Targeted at power users and content creators, the Notebook 7 Force boasts NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card, up to 24GB LPDDR4 RAM, up to 512GB storage with two expandable storage slots, and support for Gigabit Wi-Fi.
The broadband lift is, in turn, driven by Internet-only subscriptions and an increasing number of "power users" -- defined as subscribers who consume 1TB or more of data per month.
Mupwaya said Mojec would install and maintain meters for power users in the FCT and Kogi State, Turbo Energy would do same for customers in Niger, while Meron would handle consumers in Nasarawa State.
Additionally, on the beta program's registration page, the company says it won't provide downgrade service for beta power users, "unless beta power users would like to quit the beta user program."
AS renewable energy systems are becoming economical and easier to integrate in our homes, it is commendable that our local electric power utilities in Pakistan, particularly Islamabad Electric Supply Company, Lahore Electric Supply Company and Karachi Electric, are taking proactive steps in assisting the power users to become 'prosumers', or producer-consumers.
This mid-ranger is power packed with many attractive and handy features offering the best experience for power users on a budget.
But to ensure low-income households pay less as a socio-economic tool even with the uniform tariffs, the ministry wants Treasury to slash the 16 per cent value-added tax on electricity."We're engaging with Treasury on the need to cut VAT for low power users," Mr Keter said at a media briefing Friday.
For IBM Power users, 52% will focus security investments on compliance auditing and reporting and tape is the predominant protection technology (71%), followed by software/logical replication (53%) and hardware/storage replication (51%).
The demands of today's performance power users are constantly being put to the test as new data-intensive applications push the boundaries of what can be achieved with even the market's high performance professional workstations and most powerful gaming rigs, said Ariel Perez, SSD business manager, Kingston.
Google Android power users have long been able to root their phones for extra functionality and customization.