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1. Capable of being effected, done, or put into practice; feasible. See Synonyms at possible.
2. Usable for a specified purpose: a practicable way of entry.

[Medieval Latin prācticābilis, capable of being used, from prācticāre, to practice, from prāctica, practice, from Greek prāktikē, practical science, from feminine of prāktikos, fit for action, practical, from prāssein, prāk-, to make, do.]

prac′ti·ca·bil′i·ty n.
prac′ti·ca·bly adv.
Usage Note: It is easy to confuse practicable and practical because they look so much alike and overlap in meaning. Practicable means "feasible" as well as "usable," and it cannot be applied to persons. Practical has at least six meanings, including the sense "capable of being put into effect, useful," wherein the confusion with practicable arises. But there is a subtle distinction between these words that is worth keeping. For the purpose of ordering coffee in a Parisian café, it would be practical (that is, useful) to learn some French, but it still might not be practicable for someone with a busy schedule and little time to learn.
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Adv.1.practicably - in a practicable manner; so as to be feasible
بصورَة يُمْكِن عَمَلُها


adv if it can practicably be donefalls (es) durchführbar (ist)


(ˈprӕktikəbl) adjective
able to be used or done. a practicable plan.
ˈpracticably adverb
ˈpracticableness noun
ˌpracticaˈbility noun
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An application has been made to the Home Office for the repayment of these costs and I would urge the Minister to process this application and reimburse Suffolk Constabulary as soon as practicably possible.
Owing to mainly to semantic incongruities, however, probably fewer than half of these theoretical RETEP quatrains are practicably realizable.
In general, mitigation is a sequential process of avoiding adverse impacts, minimizing impacts that cannot be practicably avoided, and then compensating for those impacts that cannot be further minimized.
The five REDD initiatives can be practicably implemented at different phases to achieve results-based actions such as the effectuation of comprehensive national strategies, sustainable development plans, and capacity building measures.
He said that the remaining process would take "a final few weeks", after which the Cabinet in Cardiff Bay would consider the project "as soon as is practicably possible.
The respondent was entitled to conclude that 'enough was enough' and that his employment could not practicably continue.
As comments submitted by the pipeline industry show, the Obama administration's proposed regulations for pipeline materials and maximum allowable operating pressure verification go well beyond the applicable congressional mandates, are unnecessarily burdensome and complex, and cannot be practicably implemented.
This transaction is due to complete by the end of April 2017, after which affected borrowers will be written to as soon as practicably possible.
The statute requires assessors to value property based on "the best information that the assessor can practicably obtain.
The NCP's selection process brings a great deal of rigour to bear precisely to ensure that each cohort of participants brings as much diversity together from across the Sultanate's economy as is practicably possible among 35 individuals.
Department of Health and Human Services's Office for Civil Rights to provide clarification about situations in which providers can disclose information without patient consent "when the opportunity to object cannot practicably be provided because of the incapacity of the patient or an emergency treatment circumstance.