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Actively working in, engaging in, or observing something, especially a particular profession or religion: a practicing attorney; a practicing Catholic.


(ˈpræk tɪ sɪŋ)

1. actively working at a profession.
2. actively following a religion, philosophy, or way of life.
References in classic literature ?
Beth took a step forward, and pressed her hands tightly together to keep from clapping them, for this was an irresistible temptation, and the thought of practicing on that splendid instrument quite took her breath away.
Tamoszius Kuszleika is his name, and he has taught himself to play the violin by practicing all night, after working all day on the "killing beds.
I've had the boys practicing this long time, privately; and just hungry for a chance to show off.
One often sees them, at the tables in the Castle grounds, using their whips or canes to illustrate some new sword trick which they have heard about; and between the duels, on the day whose history I have been writing, the swords were not always idle; every now and then we heard a succession of the keen hissing sounds which the sword makes when it is being put through its paces in the air, and this informed us that a student was practicing.
She took occasional rests from practicing, and absorbed herself in calculating her chances.
The class to which she belonged had to read a difficult chapter of Scripture in rotation, and the various members spent an arduous Sabbath afternoon counting out verses according to their seats in the pew, and practicing the ones that would inevitably fall to them.
Here, to their surprise, was Smilash, on electro-plated acme skates, practicing complicated figures with intense diligence.
From then on Sola instructed me in the mysteries of the various weapons, and with the Martian young I spent several hours each day practicing upon the plaza.
I have been working very hard lately, because I want to keep up with Jonathan's studies, and I have been practicing shorthand very assiduously.
Athos fenced with as much calmness and method as if he had been practicing in a fencing school.
Piqued at their raillery, he had been practicing ever since he had joined the expedition, but without success.
Rather to his surprise, he found another figure there beside the statue, sitting almost equally motionless; and the same silver pencil traced the wrinkled brow and patient face of Horne Fisher, still dressed as a hermit and apparently practicing something of the solitude of a hermit.