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Actively working in, engaging in, or observing something, especially a particular profession or religion: a practicing attorney; a practicing Catholic.
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(ˈpræk tɪ sɪŋ)

1. actively working at a profession.
2. actively following a religion, philosophy, or way of life.
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But how many writers have noticed those other incomprehensible persons, members of families innocent for generations past of practicing Art or caring for Art, who have notwithstanding displayed from their earliest years the irresistible desire to cultivate poetry, painting, or music; who have surmounted obstacles, and endured disappointments, in the single-hearted resolution to devote their lives to an intellectual pursuit--being absolutely without the capacity which proves the vocation, and justifies the sacrifice.
She got lighthearted and happy, and went to the cradles, and spent what was left of the night "practicing." She would give her own child a light pat and say humbly, "Lay still, Marse Tom," then give the real Tom a pat and say with severity, "Lay still, Chambers!
She took occasional rests from practicing, and absorbed herself in calculating her chances.
Ideally, the committee would consist of hospital representatives from clinical, ancillary, and financial areas, as well as practicing physicians.
I was trained as a general internist and spent 12 years in an academic setting practicing medicine and training internal medicine residents.
For a large number of otherwise unaffiliated physicians practicing in multiple specialties, the time might be 18 months and the cost upward of $200,000.
Physicians, acting as expert witnesses, testify to the degree of care that a physician practicing in the specialty of the defendant physician should be required to meet.
In shorter(11) and longer articles,(12) he relates how data can be used constructively to reduce physician fears and liberate innovation among practicing clinicians.
It could be a violation of practicing medicine without a license law where a practice must be owned by a doctor, but that's not true everywhere."
Option 5B is tantamount to owning a multispecialty group but contracting with the practicing physicians rather than employing them.
Returning from the recent ACPE conference in San Francisco, I found that I was one of the last of the practicing physicians who are in solo or "private practice" in our town of 10,000 people.
Group practice physicians generally favor fee for service arrangements, yet studies of those providing services for HMOs show mixed preferences for capitation versus fee-for-service payment and there is evidence suggesting that an increasing number of physicians practicing in fee-for-service group practices are being paid on a salary or modified salary basis.(7,9)