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Actively working in, engaging in, or observing something, especially a particular profession or religion: a practicing attorney; a practicing Catholic.


(ˈpræk tɪ sɪŋ)

1. actively working at a profession.
2. actively following a religion, philosophy, or way of life.
References in classic literature ?
But how many writers have noticed those other incomprehensible persons, members of families innocent for generations past of practicing Art or caring for Art, who have notwithstanding displayed from their earliest years the irresistible desire to cultivate poetry, painting, or music; who have surmounted obstacles, and endured disappointments, in the single-hearted resolution to devote their lives to an intellectual pursuit--being absolutely without the capacity which proves the vocation, and justifies the sacrifice.
She took occasional rests from practicing, and absorbed herself in calculating her chances.
To address this, the AICPA created a new volunteer Committee on Mobility to identify and eliminate unnecessary burdens and requirements blocking CPAs from easily practicing across state lines.
It is a self-help manual that gives a comprehensive view of practicing and includes both the physiological and psychological aspects of playing.
Another factor is an increased departure rate of practicing physicians.
Practicing Theology: Beliefs and Practices in Christian Life.
But practicing four hours a day is not a viable option.
Van Nuys has also decided to continue practicing in the afternoon, according to coach Mark Pomerantz.
In addition, CPAs practicing in certain states need to use added caution; a number of state boards of accountancy have adopted the Statements as enforceable standards.
Practicing for Artistic Success is a book every instrumental musician should read.
Practicing poor techniques will merely implant poor techniques, nothing more.