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also pre·di·al  (prē′dē-əl)
1. Relating to, containing, or possessing land; landed.
2. Attached to, bound to, or arising from the land: praedial serfs.

[Middle English, from Medieval Latin praediālis, of an estate, from Latin praedium, estate, from praes, praed-, praevid-, surety, bondsman : prae-, pre- + vas, vad-, guarantor.]


(ˈpriːdɪəl) or


1. (Agriculture) of or relating to land, farming, etc
2. attached to or occupying land
[C16: from Medieval Latin praediālis, from Latin praedium farm, estate]
ˌpraediˈality, ˌprediˈality n


or pre•di•al

(ˈpri di əl)

1. of or pertaining to land or its products.
2. arising from or consequent upon the occupation of land.
3. attached to land.
[1425–75; < Medieval Latin praediālis landed = Latin praedi(um) farm, estate + -ālis -al1]
prae`di•al′i•ty, n.
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story of a young TGN trainer dealing with praedial larceny and Tales from the House of Smoke on the Warao Amerindians in Siparia.
Melvin pondered about the legal term he heard one of the big boys in the village use with reference to the strikers, some kind of larceny, praedial larceny.
In "The Thief," the protagonist shoots and kills a praedial larcenist.
In the West Indian conditions, many reports outline that the small ruminant (SR) industry face big problems not only of dog attacks but also of praedial larceny (IICA, 2006; FAO-Carib-Agri, 2007).
When the abolition of slavery was legislated by the British Parliament in August 1834, a system of apprenticeship was instituted that simultaneously bound the liberated slaves to their former owners for a period of six years in the case of praedial apprentices and four years in the case of nonpraedial workers.
though um not like when covetous ride miss praedial mule
ii) develop and implement an environmental awareness and education programme which will contribute to improving and maintaining the environmental quality in the Praslin Watershed and reduce praedial larceny; (iii) improve the drying and bleaching process and reduce the impact of disasters in order to minimize loss and achieve consistent quality within six months of project commencement; (iv) reduce and minimize reliance on fossil fuel as a source of energy within six months of project commencement; (v) significantly upgrade the processing plant and diversify the product line in order to reach a wider market within one year of project commencement;