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1. Dealing or concerned with facts or actual occurrences; practical.
2. Philosophy Of or relating to pragmatism.
3. Linguistics Of or relating to pragmatics.
4. Relating to or being the study of cause and effect in historical or political events with emphasis on the practical lessons to be learned from them.
A pragmatic sanction.

[Latin prāgmaticus, skilled in business, from Greek prāgmatikos, from prāgma, prāgmat-, deed, from prāssein, prāg-, to do.]

prag·mat′i·cal adj.
prag·mat′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.pragmatically - in a realistic manner; "we want to build a democratic society, but we must act pragmatically"
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[prægˈmætɪklɪ] ADVpragmáticamente
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[prægˈmætɪkəli] advpragmatiquement
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References in classic literature ?
At first Philip hesitated on account of the expense, but they reckoned it out; and it seemed (they were so anxious to have a studio of their own that they calculated pragmatically) that the cost would not be much greater than that of living in a hotel.
His thin flaxen mustaches were no longer pragmatically waxed and twisted into a curl: their weak feathery ends hung meekly pendent over the querulous corners of his mouth.
Never a fan of Moscow, Tusk criticized Trump's support for reinstating Russia into the club -- he'd pragmatically said that having Russia in would be useful -- since the greatest number of items discussed at G7 meetings actually involve Russia, RT reported.
Claiming he wanted the UK to leave the EU "sensibly and pragmatically", the Prime Minister insisted he wanted an exit deal with the bloc.
Many feel that when there are a number of grave issues like Kashmir and the slowing of the economy, it is time the Modi government learnt to act prudently and pragmatically to tackle the burning problems.
"We have a chairman that cares passionately about the club, someone who is pragmatically ambitious about the club.
More pragmatically, since what this new Government proposes is a bit like walking out of a restaurant without paying the bill, a likely consequence would be near zero cooperation from the EU in future, which we are likely to need whether we belong to the club or not.
The new website will pragmatically list options for each business category which is apt for manoeuvring, browsing and placing an order.
He said that Bahria University thrives on the unrelenting passion to promote and sustain research culture in Pakistan, nurturing scholars both academically and pragmatically.
Is Jude becoming as pragmatically evil as those with whom she battles?
And some are wittily, imaginatively (pragmatically?) unusual such as Xantu's Murrulet (an ocean bird) for X.