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Variant of proa.
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malajískur seglbátur meî jafnvægisskíîi
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At the shot the prahu slowed up, and a volley of musketry from her crew satisfied Sing that he had made no mistake in classifying her.
Virginia was watching the prahu from one of the cabin ports.
Tearing the cover from it she swung the muzzle toward the pirate prahu, which by now was nearly within range above the vessel's side--a moment more and she would be too close to use the weapon upon the pirates.
At the rate of fifty a minute, a stream of projectiles tore into the bow of the prahu when suddenly a richly garbed Malay in the stern rose to his feet waving a white cloth upon the point of his kris.
She saw the tall Malay issue a few commands, the oarsmen bent to their work, the prahu came about, making off toward the harbor's entrance.
He reacted to the events of August 1968 with Hudba pro Prahu 1968 (Music for Prague 1968).
In a brief letter to the USA, Arms first described his narrow escape from death at the hands of pirates before the prahu in which he was traveling was driven ashore near Mempawah (Arms 1837a).
Jak ma vypadat "well-regulated militia", tedy milice pod kontrolou legitimni verejne moci, o niz hovori ustava USA, ovsem na prahu 21.
Cornwall, that a prahu was in sight, he ran a comb through his hair, checked himself once more in the mirror, and then went down to the landing stage.
Kurt Stenross picked the Madurese as his study's subject not only because of their neglected maritime history but also because they, unlike other prahu (decked boat) operating groups in Indonesia, were involved not just in the transportation of timber but also in its trading.