prairie fire

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Noun1.prairie fire - an uncontrolled fire in a grassy area
fire - the event of something burning (often destructive); "they lost everything in the fire"
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The passion that awoke in him that day, when he saw her at the gate, swept along like an avalanche, or like a prairie fire, or like anything that drives headlong over all obstacles.
I sent the three men away, and then opened the sty gate and beckoned Sandy to come -- which she did; and not leisurely, but with the rush of a prairie fire. And when I saw her fling herself upon those hogs, with tears of joy running down her cheeks, and strain them to her heart, and kiss them, and caress them, and call them reverently by grand princely names, I was ashamed of her, ashamed of the human race.
The cave men and Sagoths in the dugouts seemed to wither before that blast of death like dry grass before a prairie fire. Those who were not hit dropped their bows and javelins and, seizing upon paddles, attempted to escape.
You have seen a prairie fire where the flames have swept every trace of grass or plant from the surface of the earth and left only a blackened waste.
Better to focus on the publication of Prairie Fire, 45 years ago, arguably as significant a manifesto as "The Port Huron Statement" (1962) that helped to launch Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the mass organization Weatherman destroyedwith help from Progressive Labor (PL), the faction that urged members to go to factories and organize workers.
New Quarterly, the Dalhousie Review, Prairie Fire, and Nashwaak Review,
Roepke of the Pleasant Prairie Fire and Rescue Department last month.
"We have been quite excited for a few days over a prairie fire which began last Friday near here and burnt till yesterday evening.
But recent exchange of the prairie fire of the words, shouting slogans, staging protests, walkouts, leaving seats to fight by the members are the worst-case scenario in the upper and lower houses of parliament, thwarting the smooth running of the session in both houses, where equally Senate Chairman and Speaker seem powerless to ensure peaceful and fruitful running of the sessions.
Civil Code chaos Press and privacy tug-of-war is on, raging like prairie fire. Nepal Communist Party (NCP) leaders attribute it to the little time allocated for wide scale public discussion, though drafting the document is said to have cost Rs 120 million.
Sun Prairie Fire Department, however, has ordered residents to stay away from the area and take shelter at the Sun Prairie High School.