prairie willow

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Noun1.prairie willow - slender shrubby willow of dry areas of North America
genus Salix, Salix - a large and widespread genus varying in size from small shrubs to large trees: willows
willow, willow tree - any of numerous deciduous trees and shrubs of the genus Salix
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Other titles of this period included: Heroes of Isle aux Morts (Newfoundland); The Worker in Sandalwood (Quebec); One Hundred Shining Candles (Ontario); as well as Prairie Willow and Under a Prairie Sky (the Prairies).
cuneata (sand cherry), Rosa carolina, Salix humilis (prairie willow), and Smilax glauca (glaucous greenbrier).
Shrubby plants include New Jersey tea, fragrant sumac (a berry producer), hazelnut, and prairie willow.