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Given to or characterized by impishness or playfulness; mischievous.

prank′ish·ly adv.
prank′ish·ness n.


(ˈpræŋ kɪʃ)

1. of the nature of a prank: a prankish plan.
2. full of pranks; playful: a prankish child.
prank′ish•ly, adv.
prank′ish•ness, n.
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Adj.1.prankish - naughtily or annoyingly playfulprankish - naughtily or annoyingly playful; "teasing and worrying with impish laughter"; "a wicked prank"
playful - full of fun and high spirits; "playful children just let loose from school"


[ˈpræŋkɪʃ] ADJtravieso, pícaro


adj personzu Streichen aufgelegt or bereit; behaviour, actschelmisch
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I went to our official university page to confirm the news and learned that what my parents shared with me was a link from a prankish Facebook page.
Most of the times, strange hemp smoking boys and girls have been seen associating with these students from their part one days making the compound a marked compound even by the Bulama of the area whose ears are now full of complaints of prankish tendencies of these unlawful students most of whom are in their second year now.
As with "Killing of a Sacred Deer," Lanthimos would rather leave questions hanging in the air, while engaging viewers with a wicked sense of humor and a bold cinematic style that lands somewhere between the clinical precision of Stanley Kubrick and the prankish malevolence of Lars von Trier.
Most of The Walk (a true story) is lively, prankish and lighter-than-air, just like its hero.
Yet McKenzie, by making recourse to beautiful and prankish illusionism, can leverage the aura of seductive materials and fraught artifacts while keeping her hands clean.
A deliberate, gradually farcical opening scene introduces Winfried Conradi (Simonischek), a divorced piano teacher whiling away his semi-retirement in suburban Germany as a habitual master of prankish disguise, practicing multiple personae on a bewildered postman.
KIRIKKALE (CyHAN)- People, who mobilized to save prankish kitten trapped in a car's engine, rescued it as a result of long and exhausting efforts.
True, were not all as recognizable or as prankish as Virgin's chief executive.
Blinded by their obvious intent to get Qadri, the hierarchy couldn't perceive that with its shenanigans and prankish antics, it was creating the conditions for the violence to break out certainly and disturb peace and tranquility in the province.
9) Although this sentence appears in both versions of the story, it is the longer one (Hateship) that especially underscores the fact that it may all be a farce, a prankish game on the part of Fiona.
There they meet the harsh chief of medicine Dr Bob Kelso, Dorian's reluctant mentor Dr Perry Cox, nurse Carla Espinosa and the prankish Janitor.
The recurrent issues in the texts were self-presentation (general data description identification such as name and age); physical self-description (focusing on characteristics such as skin color, eyes, hair and height) and emotional (happy, lazy, playful, anxious, timid, 'best', 'house star', prankish, impatient, intelligent); daily activities (walking, family day, jokes, routines at home and at school); personal preferences for people and food; events (birthday parties, family gathering); their own birth and birth of brothers and sisters; and the facts about the choice of their name.