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 (prăt′n-kōl′, prāt′-, prăt′ĭng-, prā′tĭng-)
Any of several shorebirds of the genera Glareola and Stiltia of the Eastern Hemisphere, having long pointed wings, a forked tail, and a short tapered bill.

[New Latin prātincola : Latin prātum, meadow + Latin incola, inhabitant; see kwel- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈprætɪŋˌkəʊl; ˈpreɪ-)
(Animals) any of various swallow-like shore birds of the southern Old World genus Glareola and related genera, esp G. pratincola, having long pointed wings, short legs, and a short bill: family Glareolidae, order Charadriiformes
[C18: from New Latin pratincola field-dwelling, from Latin prātum meadow + incola inhabitant]


(ˈpræt ɪŋˌkoʊl, ˈpræt n-)

any of various ploverlike open-country birds of the courser family, esp. of the genus Glareola, having a short bill, long wings, and a forked tail.
[< New Latin Pratincola (1756) genus name = Latin prāt(um) meadow + incola inhabitant (see in-2, -colous)]
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Noun1.pratincole - Old World shorebird with long pointed wings and short legspratincole - Old World shorebird with long pointed wings and short legs; closely related to the coursers
limicoline bird, shore bird, shorebird - any of numerous wading birds that frequent mostly seashores and estuaries
genus Glareola, Glareola - type genus of the Glareolidae: the pratincoles
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Last year's rare birds spotted in Teesmouth and East Cleveland included Isabelline Wheatear, Eastern Crowned Warbler, Black Scoter and Black Winged Pratincole.
The black-winged pratincole was spotted by birdwatchers at the Northumberland Wildlife Trust site behind Druridge Bay.
Greenland wheatear ADRIAN FOSTER Bird of the week was a stunning black-winged pratincole for a few hours at RSPB Burton Mere Wetlands, hawking over the border pools, but just as special was a beeeater over the Great Orme on Friday.