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 (prō′ə) also prau (prou) or prah·u (prä′o͞o)
A swift traditional sailboat especially in Southeast Asia and Micronesia, having a triangular sail and single outrigger.

[Alteration (probably influenced by Portuguese and Spanish proa, prow) of Early Modern English prow, alteration (influenced by prow) of earlier praw, ultimately (probably partly via Dutch prauw, proa and Portuguese parao, a kind of deckless boat used in the Indian ocean, proa; and Portuguese, partly also from Malayalam pāru, boat) from Malay perahu and perhaps also Javanese prau, both from Proto-Malayo-Polynesian *paraqu; compare Ngadha (Malayo-Polynesian language of Flores) barau, sailboat, and Tolai (Malayo-Polynesian language of northeast New Britain) parau, boat.]


(ˈprəʊə) or


(Nautical Terms) any of several kinds of canoe-like boats used in the South Pacific, esp one equipped with an outrigger and sails
[C16: from Malay parāhū a boat]


(ˈproʊ ə)

n., pl. pro•as.
any of various Indonesian vessels, esp. a swift sailboat with a single outrigger.
[1575–85; < Malay pərahu, pərau (sp. perahu) (< Kannada paḍahu, or a cognate Dravidian word)]
References in classic literature ?
We sailed south; we overtook many praus; we examined the creeks and the bays; we saw the end of our coast, of our island--a steep cape over a disturbed strait, where drift the shadows of shipwrecked praus and drowned men clamour in the night.
He sat cross-legged, with his gun in his hands, on the roof at the stern of his prau.
It leaped three times; and three times with the eyes of my mind I saw in the gloom within the enclosed space of the prau a woman with streaming hair going away from her land and her people.
On the third night we two left our land together in a trading prau.
I tell you I saw her long black hair spread behind her upon the moonlit water as she struck out with bare arms by the side of a swift prau.
Tania received one of two $500 Choe & Praus Scholarships.
However, recent Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) dating of a beeswax snake design directly over the top of a prau (perahu/ship) painting at the nearby Maung site of Djulirri suggests praus were present prior to at least 1664 AD, and possibly much earlier as the beeswax figure has a date range of 1517 AD to 1664 AD and a median age of 1577 AD (Tacon et al.
Here, he came across six high-bowed sailing praus with crews made up of a people who had long since discovered this place, traced its coasts, and given it a name--the land of Marege.
Praus - Lovina Reimer and Jacob Praus, of Eugene, a son.
It was once the home port of the Macassan traders, who for several centuries or more travelled in their praus to the coast of north Australia to collect trepang (a sea cucumber) which they traded with China.
Matthias Praus, vice president and general manager, Metform said, This investment in infrastructure, machinery and equipment is expected to top $30 million and create more than 50 new jobs within the next 2 years.
The most recent documents submitted by the school indicated that yet more money is owed to the state retirement system, and that a larger loan from Praus-Williamson's brother, Bob Praus, could be required to keep the school afloat.