praying mantis

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pray·ing mantis

A mantis, especially the European species Mantis religiosa, which while at rest folds its front legs as if in prayer.

praying mantis


praying mantid

(Animals) another name for mantis


(ˈmæn tɪs)

also mantid

n., pl. -tis•es, -tes (-tēz) also -tids.
any of several predaceous insects of the family Mantidae, having a long prothorax and typically holding the forelegs in an upraised position as if in prayer.
[1650–60; < New Latin < Greek, prophet; akin to mania]

pray·ing man·tis

(prā′ĭng măn′tĭs)
Any of various predatory insects that are usually pale green and have two pairs of walking legs and a pair of strong grasping forelimbs. Praying mantises are related to cockroaches, and the female often eats her mate.
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Noun1.praying mantis - the common mantispraying mantis - the common mantis      
mantid, mantis - predacious long-bodied large-eyed insect of warm regions; rests with forelimbs raised as in prayer

praying mantis

[ˌpreɪɪŋˈmæntɪs] Nmantis f inv religiosa

praying mantis

praying mantis

[ˌpreɪɪŋˈmæntɪs] nmantide f religiosa
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Their path leads to a jungle filled with strange and terrifying beasties, including a voracious tarantula and a praying mantis blessed with the power of hypnotic suggestion.
"Here we show the first evidence that individual neurons in the praying mantis brain are tuned to specific disparities and eccentricities, and thus locations in 3D-space," the authors highlighted.
This mass isn't a pine cone, but is actually praying mantis eggs, which contain about 100 to 200 bugs, and if left on the tree these could hatch inside your home.
He is a praying mantis, hiding and waiting for his next meal.
But the only known insect to also possess this ability is the praying mantis, a tiny critter whose brain has only a million or so neurons.
While stomatopoda are not related to mantis - insects that live over ground, better known as the praying mantis and best known for the female eating the male in many instances during or after mating - a similar striated structure was also found in the tibia of the insects.
And forget about jumping its batteries: the bird was in the grip of a three-inch-long green praying mantis. The mantis was clinging with its back legs to the rim of the feeder, holding its feathered catch in its powerful, seemingly reverent front legs, and methodically chewing through the hummingbird's skull to get at the nutritious brain tissue within.
It contains ten double-page spreads, each featuring a craft around a mini-beast including: sparkly ladybird; snail stamp; spiders in a web; butterfly paper chains; shiny dragonfly; jewel bug; termite mound; bumble bee; praying mantis; caterpillar collage.
The leaves the town at the mercy of aliens, zombies, killer clowns and, in a spirited homage to the sci-fi monster movies of the 1950s, a giant praying mantis.