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A drug, C19H24N2O2, that kills trematodes and tapeworms parasitic to humans, used especially in the treatment of schistosomiasis.

[p(y)razi(ne), one of its constituents (from German Pyrazin, blend of Pyridin, pyridine Azin, azine) + qu(inoline) + ant(h)el(mintic).]
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n praziquantel m, prazicuantel m (INN)
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On the other hand, Merck provides praziquantel tablets, a treatment for a NTD named schistosomiasis, free of charge to Kenya and 45 other endemic African countries.
WHO has therefore deemed praziquantel, the most cost-efficient solution for the health of patients in need, as the drug of choice.
According to him, schistosomiasis control focuses more on reducing its spread through periodic and large scale population treatment with praziquantel.
After one day's dose of praziquantel, his urine turned clear in two days; and bilirubin was 1.0 in two weeks.
A newer topical treatment for cats combines emodepside and praziquantel and is generally effective for treatment of lungworms.
All children found infected were treatment with praziquantel.
All patients were treated empirically with praziquantel for schistosomiasis and at least 1 dose of artemether-lumefantrine for malaria before departure.
Pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim Monday announced the availability of CENTRAGARD (eprinomectin and praziquantel transdermal solution) to prevent heartworm disease in cats.
Being the case of mixed infestation, calf was treated with Fenbendazole and Praziquantel (Fentas Plus (a)) in therapeutic doses.
While the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends treating pregnant women for schistosomiasis with Praziquantel, they have been excluded from mass drug administration programmes because of concerns about potential effects of the drug on unborn babies.The study recommended treating pregnant women for schistosomiasis to get the optimum efficiency of measles immunisation in children and to reduce anaemia in women.
[2] Mass drug administration with praziquantel is the primary tool for combating schistosomiasis, and school-age children are the main target group.