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A crystalline vasodilator, C19H21N5O4, used in the form of its hydrochloride to treat hypertension.

[p(ipe)raz(ine) + perhaps alteration of ox(y)- + (quinazol)in(e), one of its constituents.]
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Noun1.prazosin - antihypertensive drug (trade name Minipress)
alpha blocker, alpha-adrenergic blocker, alpha-adrenergic blocking agent, alpha-blocker - any of various drugs that block alpha-adrenergic receptors; used in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia; relaxes the muscles of the prostate and bladder
antihypertensive, antihypertensive drug - a drug that reduces high blood pressure
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n prazosina
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The same set of experiments was also repeated in presence of reference drugs, haloperidol (dopamine [D.sub.2]-receptor blocker) and prazosin HCl ([[alpha].sub.1]-adrenoceptor blocker) as positive controls.
"PTSD is usually treated with psychotherapy, or medications such as antidepressants or the antihypertensive called prazosin, or a combination of medications and therapy."
A double-blind, randomized trial with five patients with frequent hemodialysis-associated cramps were given either placebo or prazosin (Minipress[R]), with doses ranging from 0.25 to 1.0 mg at the start of 16 dialysis sessions.
Another medication called Prazosin has been found to be helpful in decreasing nightmares related to the trauma.
Following the diagnosis of extra-adrenal paraganglioma, a precautional treatment with prazosin was given before surgery.
* The Prazosin for Treating Agitation Trial will determine whether prazosin is well tolerated in flail, elderly people as a treatment for agitation.
The animal was treated with oral Diazepam, a skeletal muscle relaxant @ 0.04mg/ kg b.wt BID to relax the external urethral sphincter, Prazosin, a smooth muscle relaxant @ 1mg/15 kg b.wt.
The new research, published in the journal Neurobiology of Aging, found that the drug called prazosin prevented memory loss in mice showing signs of Alzheimer's.
The anti-immobility effect of FRA in EST was prevented by pre-treatment of rat with p-chlorophenylalanine methyl ester, WAY100635, ketanserin, haloperidol, SCH233390, sulpiride, yohimbine, but not prazosin. FRA could simultaneously induce prokinetics and antidepressant effect, deserves further to investigate.
Since her blood pressure was controlled, Minipress XL (prazosin) 5 mg HS was added.