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Adj.1.pre-Jurassic - of or relating to or denoting the time before the Jurassic period
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The pre-Jurassic may have gas potential, as in the case of deep structures elsewhere in the Gulf.
Booked reserves of tight oil are located in the Bazhenov, Tyumen and Achimov formations, pre-Jurassic complex, 'Ryabchik' and other reservoir types.
But it hasn't flowered outdoors since the pre-Jurassic period.
They believe they could finally resolve a long-standing scientific controversy over the origin of dinosaurs because just under the pebbles at Lavernock are several layers of stratified shale and limestone, built up over hundreds of millions of years, that could hold a unique record of cataclysmic events from the turbulent pre-Jurassic era.
Some are modern, some cro-magnon, some neanderthal (but with the best intentions), and others are frankly pre-Jurassic.
The Chirotherium is thought to have been among the first of the dinosaurs, having lived in the pre-Jurassic era.
More worrying is when businesses ask the same questions about their pre-Jurassic abacuses
The objective of the survey was to delineate large pre-Jurassic salt gravity and seismic structural leads along the western margin of the Mandawa Basin.
The pre-Jurassic there appears to have limited prospectivity.
His original script was initially set during the First World War, but subsequent drafts travelled back to the pre-Jurassic era.