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or pre-co·lo·ni·al  (prē′kə-lō′nē-əl)
Of, relating to, or being the period of time before colonization of a region or territory.


(Sociology) occurring or existing prior to a colonial period or colonization of a given area or country; of or pertaining to this period


(ˌpri kəˈloʊ ni əl)

of or pertaining to the time before a region or country became a colony.
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The casting of the newest ABS-CBN fantasy series Bagani has sparked outcry on social media over foreign-looking actors being cast in a story inspired by pre-colonial Philippine mythology.
Some were excited because the trailer was action-packed and with a good story line dating back to the country's pre-colonial period.
THE Yoruba Kingdom has no reason to worry about the absence of a war leader to lead its army as it was during the pre-colonial Old Oyo Empire.
Summary: Yangon [Myanmar], September 7 (ANI): Myanmar State Councillor Aung San Suu Kyi on Thursday said that the issue of the Rohingya Muslims is one of the biggest challenges, dating back to pre-colonial times and hence, will take time to be resolved.
Ledbetter traces America's gold obsession from pre-colonial days to William Jennings Bryan's epic Cross of Gold speech in 1896, to FDR's ban on private gold ownership, Nixon's 1971 decision to disconnect the dollar from gold, and much more.
The BDK, which seeks to revive the pre-colonial Congo kingdom, is mainly active in south-western Kongo Central province.
The author covers the basics of the city, the pre-colonial history of New York, the colonial history and the revolution, Civil War era New York, the gilded age, and the Great Depression in the city, before launching into individual guides to each of the cityAEs boroughs and major neighborhoods, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
Religious subjugation and cultural repression followed and western machismo infiltrated the indigenous psyche, causing pre-colonial concepts of sexual identity to become skewed.
The 12-week program, culminates the essence of Karachi, a city known for its beautiful mosques, grandeur churches, distinctive detailed bazaars, continuous fooding spree round the clock, Qingchis and TukTuks, truck art and public buses, festivals throughout the year, remains of pre-colonial era, and its socio-political construct, said a statement on Monday.
A historic shipwreck research and recovery company, Blue Water locates and recovers lost underwater treasures dated from pre-colonial times to the recent past.
The twenty-first century has witnessed the production of a wealth of new literature in relation both to the history of sexuality in the Islamic world and to the entangled histories of Europe and the Islamic world and the role that Orientalism has played in shaping notions of gender and sexuality through colonial, pre-colonial and post-colonial times.
She points out the selective meanings chosen by scholars in the traditional (pre-colonial) Islamic societies that is different from the post-colonial interpretations because of the difference in the cosmological backgrounds, 3) and then she examines the four major Sunni legal schools in the pre-colonial periods illustrating that despite the different motivations and the variety of concerns of the four legal schools, they agreed on the right of the husband to discipline his wife physically if she committed Nushuz (disobedience/rebellion); however, the beating ought to be "non-extreme" (not to break bones or cause open wounds).