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n. Informal
A preamplifier.


(Electronics) informal a short form of preamplifier



a preamplifier.
[1955–60; by shortening]
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No hyperbole: it's one of the finest sounding surround preamps I've had the pleasure to audition in ages.
The Advanced mode offers more experienced audio enthusiasts access to multi-channel recording and advanced settings, such as metering, routing, timecode, preamp gain, stereo channel linking, headphone presets and more.
The preamp also processes incoming audio and video signals from the different input sources.
ANTRA cavities CALCULI kidney stones DUCAT old European coin IMARI Japanese porcelain IOS cries of joy JAKAJ town in Albania (Geonames online database) LASSI cold drink made with yoghurt LENTICEL breathing pore in bark LUR old Scandinavian trumpet MANTRAM mantra PREAMP preamplifier in sound system QOREQ town in Afghanistan (Geonames online database) RABBIN rabbi RICKLE rickety structure UBUNTU humanity and compassion VAZOV Ivan, Bulgarian poet, 1850-1921 (Wikipedia) XEROTIC abnormally dry YARROW strop-scented plant ZMUDZ dialect of Lithuanian (Webster's 2nd edition, 1961)
If you're using microphones that offer an internally boosted, or even a line-level output, then you can dial down the mic gain in the DSLR as far as possible and skip the external mic preamp altogether.
Hard drive makers who integrate PA5100/PA5200 preamps into their drive assemblies can benefit from lower development costs, reduced inventories and an accelerated time-to-market with a single preamp capable of addressing a wide range of application requirements.
The 5173 is designed to operate seamlessly with the THAT1570 high performance current-feedback amplifier, THAT's state-of-the-art analog differential microphone preamp.
Another benefit of the powered sub is the hassle free single cable connection to the home theatre receiver or surround sound preamp.
The interface enables remote control of any RockNet mic preamp and also offers the benefit of RockNet's independent gain feature.
The CCP-1116 features a high-quality microphone preamp with 48V phantom power, a +6dBu Limiter and a level meter per commentator.
It contains an amplifier and equalizer, but also contains outputs for a 6xRCA preamp and a subwoofer, reports Discovery News.
The studio boasts a top of the line Avalon preamp allowing for paramount quality audio recording and manipulation work, as well as the entire Final Cut Suite providing outstanding video editing capabilities.