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n. Informal
A preamplifier.


(Electronics) informal a short form of preamplifier



a preamplifier.
[1955–60; by shortening]
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Clemson University Seeks Bids To Purchase A Preamps As Outlined In The Attached Specifications Or Scope Of Work Under "Bid Attachments" Section.
No hyperbole: it's one of the finest sounding surround preamps I've had the pleasure to audition in ages.
The 3-input/5-track MixPre-3 and the 6-input/8-track MixPre-6 feature Sound Devices' new Kashmir microphone preamps.
Its preamps are of a decent quality delivering a nice warm signal conversion for recordings.
Citing the 2600-year history of electronics, Hackmann targets an audience that needs only basic math skills--adding, subtraction, multiplication, and division--for his text that teaches the basics of troubleshooting--electrical outlets with low-voltage, bad cables, faulty microphones, malfunctioning preamps, bad power supplies, speakers with intermittent output, among others--and more.
The quality of microphone preamps built into cameras and external audio recorders varies widely.
bid his ly A companion for Apple's ace GarageBand iPad app, it features the same preamps used in Focusrite's flagship Liquid Saffire 56 interface, offering great clarity and depth.
LSI Announces Next-Generation Preamplifiers Delivering Higher Performance and Lower Power for Hard Disk Drives New preamps serve notebook, desktop and enterprise HDD markets, lowering power and accelerating time-to-market for HDD manufacturers
The MediorNet Compact provides connectivity for up to 12 3G/HD/ SD-SDI signals, four AES ports, two MADI interfaces as well as four analogue audio I/Os with high-quality microphone preamps and a dynamic range of 117dB.
A long time ago, an audiophile descended from the forest to warn that preamps could alter the sound of a Hi Fi even if they measured very well.
Potential applications for the SOT-23 op amps include any application requiring signal conditioning, buffering, amplification or filtering, such as portable equipment, automotive subsystems, photodiode preamps, computer notebooks, PDAs and battery-powered equipment.
Additional options include remote testhead preamps, C-V meters, pulse generators, LCR meters, frequency counters, and spectrum analyzers.