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tr.v. pre·ap·proved, pre·ap·prov·ing, pre·ap·proves
To approve (an applicant or an application for a loan, for example) at an earlier point in the approval process than is usual, sometimes even before an application is submitted: a customer who was preapproved for a $2,000 credit line.


vb (tr)
to approve in advance


(ˌpri əˈpruv)
v.t. -proved, -prov•ing.
to approve in advance: a preapproved credit card.
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Primary among these tools is "My Marketplace," an online appointment planner that lets attendees preapprove specific retailers for appointments.
The Guardhouse Visitor Screening System from Miami-based Amtel Security is designed to track all movements of visitors; preapprove visitors by phone, Internet, or voice mail; print a gate pass that includes specific directions to the residential unit; and photograph visitors and vehicles for the history file.
Audit committees should preapprove nonaudit services that exceed a threshold amount and, in the process, consider certain factors, which the ISB should identify.
The system allows lenders to preapprove borrowers within minutes, and can be used by lenders as a planning tool to prepare portfolio sales to secondary markets.
Had I still been on that board when all this was going through," Clark said in a presidential candidates' debate last month, "I would have insisted that ACLU and others be brought in to preapprove CAPPS II.
Consumers can use the site to shop and compare rates, search for a home from a large selection of current home listings, access recent home sale prices, prequalify, preapprove, apply for their mortgage and then track the progress of their loan online.
Consumers can use the Web site to shop and compare rates, search for a home from a large selection of current home listings, investigate neighborhoods, prequalify, preapprove and apply for their mortgage.