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Situated in front of or superior to the median axis of the body or a body part.

pre·ax′i·al·ly adv.


1. (Anatomy) situated or occurring in front of the axis of the body
2. (Anatomy) of or relating to the anterior part of a vertebrate limb
preˈaxially adv


(priˈæk si əl)

situated in front of an axis of the body.
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A new multiple congenital anomaly, mental retardation syndrome with preaxial brachydactyly, hyperphalangism, deafness and orodental anomalies.
Skeletal defects exclusively affect the upper limbs in the preaxial radial ray distribution and are bilateral and asymmetrical.
Hasta ese momento en la historia social domina la cosmovision preaxial, centrada en la vision mitica de la realidad, saturada de densidad religiosa y ajena a los procesos de diferenciacion entre lo subjetivo, lo objetivo y lo intersubjetivo.
Interestingly, in one of our cases the amputated fingers were preaxial including the thumb and only the 5th finger was present.
In our current case, we think that the possible mechanism might be the preaxial loading stresses in forearm that went to postaxial border of arm and transmitted through elbow which caused fracture of the trochlea with fracture at end distal radius.
Radiograph of both the foot taken and Revealed: Preaxial polysyndactyly of both the foot.
El radio presenta gran expansion del proceso preaxial mientras su borde pos-axial es ligeramente concavo.
3 reported autosomal dominant aplasia cutis in three generations and one of the cases (last generation) had preaxial polydactyly.
Areas with higher concentration of SHH developed into posterior or postaxial structures, whereas lower concentrations developed into more anterior or preaxial structures.
Preaxial carpals (element Y and distal 2): 0--unfused; 1-2 and Y fused; 2--element Y, distal 2 and 3 fused.
127) The latter: Jews Christian or Muslims, continue much earlier mythical visions of Paradises more attuned to preaxial modes of religiosities.
The spectrum of GCPS overlaps with that of the so-called non-syndromic preaxial Polydactylies such as preaxial Polydactyly type 4 (11).