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 (prĭ-kô′shə-nĕr′ē) also pre·cau·tion·al (-shə-nəl)
Of, relating to, or constituting a precaution: taking precautionary measures; gave precautionary advice.
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Adj.1.precautional - taken in advance to protect against possible danger or failure; "gave precautionary advice"; "I would take precautionary steps to keep him away"
preventative, preventive - tending to prevent or hinder
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Generally, using chemicals on the farm is not healthy for the environment and the farmer, it is advisable that precautional measures are taken while applying them.
A statement from the RTA said it was a minor four-minute delay caused by a 'precautional proceedure' on one of the trains on the red line in Karama station.
This precautional measure proved to be unnecessary, as no contaminations of the culture appeared, when it was inoculated in a rich medium containing no erythromycin at the end of the investigation.