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 (prĭ-sĕp′tə-rē, prē′sĕp-)
n. pl. pre·cep·to·ries
1. A chapter of a medieval military order such as the Knights Templars or of a modern fraternal order.
2. A building serving as an administrative or ritual center for such a chapter.


n, pl -ries
(Historical Terms) (formerly) a subordinate house or community of the Knights Templars


(prɪˈsɛp tə ri, ˈpri sɛp-)

n., pl. -ries.
a lodge or assembly of the Knights Templars; commandery.
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Previous historians have either neglected the Hungarian preceptories or made assumptions about them based on inadequate research.
This fits well with the regional studies, where traceable brothers had not generally had eastern experience, instead serving as administrators or working in local preceptories.
Organised by Raphoe Royal Black Preceptory No 258, it will see 36 preceptories and bands march through the Diamond on Saturday, August 27.
Ruth Dudley Edwards has done a service with a fair, balanced description of all that the Orange Order, the Royal Black Preceptories and the Apprentice Boys stand for, how they came into being and what are their basic aims and principles.
The order was created in 1120 to protect pilgrims and pilgrim routes, and by 1300 had established a network of at least 870 castles, preceptories, and subsidiary houses.