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A period of practical training for a student or novice under the supervision of a preceptor.
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Noun1.preceptorship - the position of preceptor
berth, billet, post, situation, position, office, place, spot - a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury"
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At interview, the participants were asked to read a card supplied by the researcher that explained the definition of mentorship and preceptorship (Table 1).
This essentially eliminates contact between "drug reps" and physicians; and it also can be interpreted as precluding preceptorship in physicians' offices for industry professionals.
The main issues of the evolving profession of dental hygiene and career development are the relationship between oral health and total health, preceptorship, third-party payors, access to care, self-regulation and manpower.
The impact of this is twofold: we are unable to appoint into leadership roles and as all new recruits are newly qualified, these midwives require a 12 month preceptorship period overseen by an experienced midwife which is placing additional pressure on existing staff.
Sue Lennox et al describe the various processes of direct practice support, giving us some background to mentoring, preceptorship and clinical supervision.
A AACN Certification Corporation requires that if you are counting clinical preceptorship with students as part of your clinical hours to renew your CCNS certification, the students must be at the CNS level.
Preceptorship Preceptorship should not be tolerated because it places clients at risk and undermines a quality system of education.
Unlike many nursing students who typically take a more traditional role in choosing a leadership clinical preceptorship, as an RN to BSN student at Austin Peay State University, I wanted to learn more about the daily leadership and representation that occurs for me to function as a professional in the role of a registered nurse in Tennessee.
Earlier, the school had banned drug company representatives from walking into the clinical areas on a preceptorship.
An essential part of the RA's education is the radiologist-supervised clinical preceptorship.
Richter and a group of medical students in a rural preceptorship program designed a survey to better understand parent-child communication regarding a family history of alcohol problems.
Blanchard was involved in the preceptorship, he was insured under the policy issued by Broadlawns under whose auspices Dr.