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A period of practical training for a student or novice under the supervision of a preceptor.
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Noun1.preceptorship - the position of preceptor
berth, billet, post, situation, position, office, place, spot - a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury"
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The six-week Rural Interprofessional Preceptorship Program is a full-time, paid opportunity set in two rural communities in Illinois: Gibson City and Centralia.
Experiential Learning, Preceptorship, Clinical Faculty Training, Partnerships, and NextGen Nursing Education.
I'm sure he was kind in other ways, but what I will never forget is the high expectation he demanded for this preceptorship.
institutions can close the gap is through educational preceptorship programs that bring oncologists and surgeons from Latin America to U.S.
She completed the new graduate preceptorship programme--six months in the "bowel ward" and six months in cardiology.
Excellent Preceptorship; Opportunity for advancement; Supportive good culture at work; Well managed unit; Safe staff to patient ratio; Respect for all members of the healthcare team; Fulfillment; Enjoyment; Critical thinking skills development; Nonjudgmental Support; Latest technology; Evidence based Practice; Work at a facility with shared values and mission; Finding your passion; Being Inspired; Good Manageable work schedule; Good relationships both at facility and with community; Fair pay and good benefits
Faculty members from 42.9 percent of departments are involved with organized clinical shadowing or preceptorship programs for first- and second-year medical students.
* Item reviewers must be currently employed in clinical nursing practice, working directly with nurses who have entered practice within the last 12 months, specifically supervising, mentoring or preceptorship.
Seventy new nurses and midwives have joined our preceptorship programme which provides expert support to help new recruits make the transition to their roles caring for patients in a hospital or in the community.
'So it is not the question of 'preceptorship' but of 'justice.'
To mitigate these concerns, historically the preceptorship model of clinical teaching and learning (CTL) has been used globally to support GRNs (Hyrkas & Shoemaker, 2007).