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 (prĭ-sĕp′tə-rē, prē′sĕp-)
n. pl. pre·cep·to·ries
1. A chapter of a medieval military order such as the Knights Templars or of a modern fraternal order.
2. A building serving as an administrative or ritual center for such a chapter.


n, pl -ries
(Historical Terms) (formerly) a subordinate house or community of the Knights Templars


(prɪˈsɛp tə ri, ˈpri sɛp-)

n., pl. -ries.
a lodge or assembly of the Knights Templars; commandery.
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I will owe to the superstition of thy brethren what their compassion might refuse me, Each Preceptory each Chapter of thy Order, shall learn, that, like a heretic, thou hast sinned with a Jewess.
The next Preceptory would grant thee absolution for an oath, the keeping of which concerned nought but the honour or the dishonour of a miserable Jewish maiden.''
Mr Hodge said donations were made from the five preceptories within the ForthValley District - Greyfriars, Bridge of Allan, St Mungos of Alloa, Douglas Boness, Falkirk Preceptory Grangemouth, and Torphician Preceptory Bathgate.
Chibburn Preceptory is a medieval or post-medieval ruin located near which North East beauty spot?
Protestant organisation the Rising Star of Paisley Royal Black Preceptory No457 raised the money through sponsored walks, sponsored cycles, selling key rings and holding coffee mornings.
The Rising Star of Bridgeton Royal Black Preceptory was due to march from Bridgeton Cross to George Square in Glasgow to lay a wreath at the cenotaph tomorrow.
The social actors of the residences said in plenary and at the tables that working in health and health institutions are inhabited by "accompanying strategies" and by the "education-work coupling", that both the preceptory and the learning are intensive exchanges, challenge of creative forces, invitation to invention.
Meanwhile, thousands attended the annual Sham Fight and Royal Black Preceptory parade in the County Down village of Scarva.
This group of patients also suffers from significant neuropsychiatric symptoms including anxiety, mood changes and preceptory distortion.
He's asked by a colleague to look at the site of a Knights Templar preceptory to see if it would be suitable for an archaeological dig the following summer.
In the extramural activity, the student will perform all the activities pertinent to a health professional, with direct or indirect docent supervision, and there may be an external preceptory" (15).
(30) This ghostly visitant comes only after being inadvertantly summoned when Parkins blows a note "with a quality of infinite distance in it" through a whistle-artifact he extracts from an altar niche in the ruins of a round Templar's preceptory. (31) Parkins would never have done anything of the sort, or gone anywhere near an archaeological site, were it not for his desire to oblige an antiquarian aquaintance who has heard he is headed for a working holiday of golf, isolation, and academic writing at the seaside resort town of Burnstow.