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also pre·da·cious  (prĭ-dā′shəs)
1. Living by seizing or taking prey; predatory.
2. Given to victimizing, plundering, or destroying for one's own gain.

[From Latin praedārī, to plunder; see predatory.]

pre·dac′i·ty (-dăs′ĭ-tē) n.


(prɪˈdeɪʃəs) or


1. (Zoology) (of animals) habitually hunting and killing other animals for food
2. preying on others
[C18: from Latin praeda plunder; compare predatory]
preˈdaciousness, preˈdaceousness, predacity n


(prɪˈdeɪ ʃəs)

predatory; rapacious.
Also, esp. Biol.,pre•da′ceous.
[1705–15; pred (atory) + -acious]
pre•da′cious•ness, pre•dac′i•ty (-ˈdæs ɪ ti) ; esp. Biol., pre•da′ceous•ness, n.
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Adj.1.predacious - hunting and killing other animals for food
carnivorous - (used of plants as well as animals) feeding on animals; "carnivorous plants are capable of trapping and digesting small animals especially insects"
2.predacious - living by or given to victimizing others for personal gain; "predatory capitalists"; "a predatory, insensate society in which innocence and decency can prove fatal"- Peter S. Prescott; "a predacious kind of animal--the early geological gangster"- W.E.Swinton
acquisitive - eager to acquire and possess things especially material possessions or ideas; "an acquisitive mind"; "an acquisitive society in which the craving for material things seems never satisfied"
References in classic literature ?
The recent rencontre showed them that they were now in a land of danger, subject to the wide roamings of a predacious tribe; nor, in fact, had they gone many miles before they beheld sights calculated to inspire anxiety and alarm.
If 2017 began with women marching for their daughters and ended with a tidal wave of female rage directed at predacious men, perhaps 2018 should be the year women resolve to go after what we want and deserve - simply for us.
Biological control of Polyphagotarsonemus latus (Acarina: Tarsonemidae) in greenhouses and field trials using introductions of predacious mites (Acarina: Phytoseiidae).
2011), which are distributed worldwide and are predacious in nature except Epilachninae which is phytophagous (Vandenberg, 2002).
Also, large predacious ciliates (haptorians) can reduce the abundance of small metazoans, such as rotifers (Noges et al.
Effect of Solar Radiation and Predacious Microorganisms on Survival of Fecal and Other Bacteria.
It involves predacious and parasitic organisms including fungi, bacteria, protozoa, viruses, nematodes, and mites.
Predacious activity of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in conventional and in no-till agriculture systems.
Bythotrephes longimanus (Leydig 1860) is a predacious zooplankter native to the Ponto-Caspian region that invaded the Great Lakes during the mid-1980s (Lehman 1987).
This is a relatively small but dense population of pupfish; therefore, it is unclear how, if at all, predacious diving beetles may negatively impact the stability of the pupfish population.
2001: Empirical assessment of indices of prey importance in the diets of predacious fish.