predatory animal

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Noun1.predatory animal - any animal that lives by preying on other animalspredatory animal - any animal that lives by preying on other animals
animal, animate being, beast, creature, fauna, brute - a living organism characterized by voluntary movement
carnivore - any animal that feeds on flesh; "Tyrannosaurus Rex was a large carnivore"; "insectivorous plants are considered carnivores"
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A livestock guardian dog will fight to the death, although in many cases, their presence alone is enough to deter the predatory animal from attacking the herd.
Their courage has seen a predatory animal taken off our streets and put behind bars where he belongs.
Posh Delhi localities besieged by predatory animal packs
Giorgio's physical beauty and sensitive soul attract the attention of his commanding officer's sickly and emotionally unstable ward, Fosca (Kuhn), who becomes so consumed with desire that she stalks Giorgio like a predatory animal.
However, the officials suspect that it must have resulted from the attack by some predatory animal.
Robert Gerwarth, who last year published the first ever scholarly biography of Heydrich, Hitler's Hangman, quotes the opinions of some of Heydrich's SS colleagues: "the most demonic personality in the Nazi leadership"; "devilish"; "a predatory animal.
Among the concept's most striking features are the powerdomed bonnet and diamondlook grille, while the car's headlamps reflect the intimidating eyes of a predatory animal, shining red in standby mode.
That's because people who learn what their rights are under the predatory animal statute may not bother to call and complain, Wolfer said.
That's always the problem with any predatory animal.
As the fox is a predatory animal, its nature is to kill,as with the domestic cat which kills birds for the sake of it -that is not pleasant to see either,but we have to live with it.
And it is a powerful, predatory animal emotion that he evokes onstage, even in minimalist choreography.
Trappers and hunters face numerous hazards, such as the unexpected assault of a predatory animal, falling branches and trees, slippery ground, thin ice on ponds, hidden roots and vines, and insect pests.