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Noun1.predestinationist - anyone who submits to the belief that they are powerless to change their destiny
necessitarian - someone who does not believe the doctrine of free will
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Jabr blurs the boundaries of genre, seeing in his exegesis embryonic theological ideas developed by Muctazilis, Qadaris, and predestinationists, and highlights how Mujahid drew upon popular storytelling (qasas).
Indeed throughout Middlemarch, Dorothea is described in terms of an almost Christ-like martyrdom; but no matter how much Dorothea resembles Christ (or Saint Theresa) in her charity, she also resembles Fortune, the patron saint of gamblers and religious predestinationists. After Dorothea grants the estate vicarage to Farebrother, his mother says to Dorothea, "They say Fortune is a woman and capricious.