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Capable of being stated or predicated: a predicable conclusion.
n. Philosophy
1. Something, such as a general quality or attribute, that can be predicated.
2. One of the general attributes of a subject or class. In scholastic thought, the attributes are genus, species, property, differentia, and accident; in Aristotelian thought, they are definition, genus, proprium, and accident.

[Late Latin praedicābilis, from praedicāre, to proclaim publicly, preach, predicate; see preach.]

pred′i·ca·bil′i·ty, pred′i·ca·ble·ness n.
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It covers important descriptions and definitions relevant to formulaic sequences, such as idioms, metaphors, lexical phrases, lexical bundles, proverbs and concgrams (given their predicability and combinability).
We show that these control variables do not subsume the linked-stock signal's predictive ability, which further confirms that we have identified an independent source of return predicability. (22) The linked-stock signal is computed every month as described in the baseline specification.
For example, contrary to some claims in the literature, predicability is not as much a result of grammar as of extra-linguistic relations in the perceptual world.
Brown in Correlation Plausibility: A Framework for Fairness and Predicability in Pleading Practice After Twombly and Iqbal, 44 CREIGHTON L.
11.4.8 Constraints on recursivity: idiomatic usage; predicability; economy;
An ongoing criticism of the CDRH review proces--both for 510(k)s and premarket approval--is a lack of consistency and predicability.
He hypothesizes that linguistic predicability follows a hierarchy such that "if a language can apply a predicate of a certain class to third order arguments, it can also apply a predicate of that class to second order and first order arguments" (Hengeveld 1990b: 116).
(55) Families require predicability of work hours; children need routine.
Mud, as a noun, is represented as {N;P}: its representation contains both the referentiality feature and the predicability feature, since, unlike determinatives, nouns tan be predicative; but the referentiality feature is dominant over the predicability feature, indicated by its placement to the left of the semi-colon.
He knew the Australian people wanted stability, predicability and continuity and above all security, a concept which invokes a peculiar form of frenzy among political progressives.
You can feel secure in your employment if you are confident of job tenure, you are confident of income certainty and predicability, and you are confident of continuing job satisfaction.
PTFs are also developed using different techniques and their predicability and implications are discussed.