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Capable of being stated or predicated: a predicable conclusion.
n. Philosophy
1. Something, such as a general quality or attribute, that can be predicated.
2. One of the general attributes of a subject or class. In scholastic thought, the attributes are genus, species, property, differentia, and accident; in Aristotelian thought, they are definition, genus, proprium, and accident.

[Late Latin praedicābilis, from praedicāre, to proclaim publicly, preach, predicate; see preach.]

pred′i·ca·bil′i·ty, pred′i·ca·ble·ness n.
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capable of being predicated or asserted
1. a quality, attribute, etc, that can be predicated
2. (Logic) logic obsolete one of the five Aristotelian classes of predicates (the five heads of predicables), namely genus, species, difference, property, and relation
[C16: from Latin praedicābilis, from praedicāre to assert publicly; see predicate, preach]
ˌpredicaˈbility, ˈpredicableness n
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(ˈprɛd ɪ kə bəl)

1. able to be predicated or affirmed; assertable.
2. that which may be predicated; an attribute.
3. Logic. any one of the various kinds of predicate that may be used of a subject.
[1545–55; < Latin praedicābilis assertable, Latin: praiseworthy =praedicā(re) to declare publicly (see predicate) + -bilis -ble]
pred`i•ca•bil′i•ty, pred′i•ca•ble•ness, n.
pred′i•ca•bly, adv.
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adj to be predicable of somethingvon etw ausgesagt or behauptet werden können
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Of things themselves some are predicable of a subject, and are never present in a subject.
Some things, again, are present in a subject, but are never predicable of a subject.
Other things, again, are both predicable of a subject and present in a subject.
There is, lastly, a class of things which are neither present in a subject nor predicable of a subject, such as the individual man or the individual horse.
We don't want to be too predicable, because once we do that, other teams are going to key on that player.
The diverse, dispersed and intermittent (though predicable) nature of RE requires a fresh approach to managing the power networks with a greater emphasis on energy storage, demand management and international connectivity (Brexit alert).
He told a meeting of the Central Military Commission in Beijing that various predicable and unpredictable risks and challenges were arising and that the armed forces needed to be able to respond quickly to emergencies and nurture new types of combat forces.
The row between the government and Knut over teacher transfers won't end until there's a clear policy from the Teachers Service Commission on the matter that is clear, equitable and predicable so that teachers anticipate when, how and where they are likely to be transferred.Government should also deal with chronic absenteeism by primary and high school teachers and university lecturers a serious form of corruption that wastes public resources and condemns students to poor learning outcomes.
While Emma and Dylan are not Heathcliff and Catherine, their story will appeal to readers who are fans of contemporary fiction and are in the mood for an enjoyable, if somewhat tedious and predicable, romance.--Lynne Farrell Stover.
The same predicable and automatic response to killings we heard from no less than President Rodrigo Duterte himself, who, during the oath-taking of 3,100 newly elected Central Luzon barangay captains in Clark, Pampanga, recently, said he was considering arming barangay chiefs so they can protect themselves amid the perceived rise in criminality and the persistence of the problem of illegal drugs at the barangay level.
This gave Izdihar a predicable, sustainable and growing income and reinforced its ability to pay dividends to investors.