negative predictive value

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neg·a·tive pre·dic·tive val·ue

n. valor pronóstico de un diagnóstico con resultado negativo.
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FRIDAY, July 26, 2019 (HealthDay News) -- A predictive model that uses prenatal risk factors to help identify women at higher risk for admission to the maternal intensive care unit (ICU) has low positive predictive value, according to a study published online July 9 in Obstetrics & Gynecology.
Several studies are available that characterize meningioma by DWI, however the provided data was inconsistent.6,10,13-15 Some did not identify any significant difference between the mean ADC ratios of benign and atypical/malignant tumors13 while some studies found that the mean ADC value of benign tumors was significant higher than the ADC value of atypical/malignant meningiomas.6,10,14,15 So this study was done to assess the overall performance of the DWI in terms of sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value (PPV), negative predictive value (NPV) and accuracy in our population.
A 2x2 table was used to calculate sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value and accuracy of MRI for detecting cervical parametrial invasion using the findings of histopathology as gold standard.
Keywords: Coronary artery disease, Coronary angiography, Exercise tolerance test, Positive predictive value.
The positive predictive value in this cohort was 95.2% for trisomy 21, 93.5% for trisomy 18, 77.9% for trisomy 13, and 86.7% for monosomy X.
Methods: We performed a prospective, observational study of 10,724 patients who underwent PCI in Fuwai hospital, China and evaluated the PARIS thrombotic risk score's predictive value of CTEs in the PCI population.
It has positive likelihood ratio, negative likelihood ratio, positive predictive value and negative predictive value of 2.7%, 0.37%, 75%, 95% respectively.
Counting the 44 children diagnosed with pneumonia despite the negative x-ray, chest radiography showed a negative predictive value of 89.2% (95% confidence interval, 85.9%-91.9%).
From these data the sensitivity [100 x a / (a+d)], the specificity [100 x c/ (c+b)], the positive predictive value [100 x a / (a+b)], the negative predictive value [100xc / (c+d) and overall accuracy [100 x (a+c)/(a+b+c+d)] were calculated (Pieterse et al., 1990).
PartoSure, a non-invasive strip test that provides results in five minutes or less, has been shown in several published studies to have a higher positive predictive value for preterm birth compared to current diagnostic methods, while maintaining an equally high negative predictive value.
The ALT-70 score--which tallies points for asymmetry, leukocytosis, tachycardia, and age of at least 70 years--produced a positive predictive value for lower-extremity cellulitis (LEC) of 80.4% and a negative predictive value of 90.9%, compared with values of 75.5% and 57.1%, respectively, for thermal imaging when researchers applied both methods to 67 patients, said David G.
The sensitivity for TBc ID was 94.6% and specificity was 100% with Positive Predictive Value and Negative Predictive Value of 98.9% and 81.8% respectively.
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