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A synthetic corticosteroid, C21H28O5, derived from cortisol and used as an anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive, and antiallergic drug.

[Blend of prednisone and -ol.]


(Pharmacology) a steroid drug derived from prednisone and having the same uses as cortisone
[C20: altered from prednisone]


(prɛdˈnɪs əˌloʊn)

an analog of cortisone, C21H28O5, used topically and in various other forms for treating eye and skin inflammations, allergies, and autoimmune diseases.
[1950–55; alter. of prednisone by insertion of -ol1]
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Noun1.prednisolone - a glucocorticoid (trade names Pediapred or Prelone) used to treat inflammatory conditions
anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory drug - a medicine intended to reduce inflammation
glucocorticoid - a steroid hormone that is produced by the adrenal cortex of animals; affects functioning of gonads and has anti-inflammatory activity


n prednisolona
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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of two groups, dexamethasone (group A) and prednisolone (group B).
LOS ANGELES -- The combination of intravenous immunoglobulin, aspirin, and prednisolone appears to be the most effective form of rescue therapy for patients with acute Kawasaki disease who don't respond to initial WIG plus aspirin.
The aim of the study was to assess the effectiveness of cyst aspiration and methyl prednisolone acetate injection with double IV cannula rather than sharp pointed needle, as a new technique in the treatment of volar ganglia.
The team evaluated results from 33 patients who were treated with prednisolone and chlorambucil, 37 patients with ciclosporin and 38 who were provided with supportive therapy alone.
The findings showed that taking a 5-mg/day dose of prednisolone for 12 months increases risk of serious infection by 55%, compared with nonusers.
This is important as many physicians consider 5 mg [daily prednisolone equivalent dosage] a 'physiological dose' that may not have important harms," according to Dr.
Oral prednisolone and naproxen are equivalent in treating patients with acute gout.
Immediately after the LPS inoculation, 1, 10, or 100 mg ACE or 10 mg prednisolone was injected intravenously.
The 64-year-old patient bought the drug prednisolone from an online pharmaceutical company in Thailand.
Take a spare supply of prednisolone on holiday and use as soon as you sense your asthma is getting worse.
VIENNA -- Prolonged prednisolone administration reduces the risk of HELLP exacerbations in women undergoing expectant management remote from term, Pieter van Runnard Heimel, M.
PLANEGG-MARTINSRIED, Germany -- 4SC AG (Frankfurt, Prime Standard: VSC), a drug discovery and development company focused on autoimmune and cancer indications, announces the final data from the ENTRANCE Phase IIa trial in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) with vidofludimus, an oral inhibitor of interleukin-17 (IL-17) release and DHODH, including the secondary endpoints comprising the analysis of CDAI (Crohn's disease, CD) and CAI (ulcerative colitis, UC) disease scores, change of prednisolone intake and threshold doses, safety, pharmacokinetics and biomarkers.