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or pre-e•lec•tion

(ˌpri ɪˈlɛk ʃən)

1. a choice or selection made beforehand.
2. coming before an election: preelection promises.
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26-31, 2019 preelection survey of Pulse Asia on awareness levels showed Otso Diretso candidates Erin Tanada, Chel Diokno, Gary Alejano, Romulo Macalintal, Samira Gutoc and Florin Hilbay having relatively low awareness levels of 33 percent, 23, 29, 22, 5 and 5 percent, respectively.
'Preelection surveys condition the voter to expect a certain result.' That is true to a certain extent based on very narrow studies, most done before the explosion of social media.
The dissolved APC executive committee in Kwara state, through its counsel, Yusuf Ali (SAN) had approached the apex court with a motion dated March 4, 2019, praying the court to hear the appeal of the Fulani led executive committee on the ground that it is a preelection matter that must be decided within 60 days, which he said will expire tomorrow (Friday).
Missing in action THERE was a good turnout at a preelection debate in Sunderland.
These states typically do not use voting machines that produce paper records and do not require or conduct preelection testing, cybersecurity training for election officials, or post-election audits.
It was not clear why the Comelec reset the deadline, but it cited Section 29 of Republic Act 6646 which states: that if it should no longer be reasonably possible to observe the periods and dates prescribed by law for certain preelection acts, the Commission shall fix other periods and dates.
Despite all the preelection rhetoric about "stopping the Tories" when it comes to the Single Market, Stevens, Brennan and McMorrin have settled into a cosy alignment with Johnson, Davis and Fox that will be devastating for the Welsh economy.
His Labour opponent said he'd boycotted the all-candidate preelection meeting - making him not just chicken but chlorinated chicken.
Taking the distinction into account, I introduced an interaction term between the Majbonus and Preelection year dummy variables that assumed value 1 in regional preelection year and zero otherwise.
A spokesman said: "We are in a preelection period and purdah limits what we can say."
That is what happened in 2010, when councillor Mutton stuck by his preelection pledge and withdrew the plan for 33,000 houses.