Built of or using prefabricated sections or parts: a preengineered building.
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Another achievement is the establishment of Preengineered steel building plant on the lines of Zamil of Saudi Arabia, Kirby of Kuwait and Mamut of Sharjah.
Extensive product line that includes more than 175 general-purpose and application-specific robot models (such as expert, master and versatile arc and spot welding robots), plus 15 families of fully integrated, preengineered "world" solutions (ArcWorld, FabWorld, LoadWorld, SpotWorld) that include robots, process equipment and safety equipment.
Users should be able to select preengineered vehicle templates to try out in advance to see what works best.
3824 Hammer Drive, $130,000 for new commercial: preengineered, open steel RV storage building.
CHP plants are offered in a preengineered package design, which reduces up-front engineering, site design and installation costs.
Air curtain systems can be designed to be scalar, preengineered systems that facilitate their being tested to this definition.
(20) To do so, however, either the government or a contractor must maintain an inventory of preengineered and prequalified components.
The eCell preengineered system is designed to provide a flexible automation layout that delivers consistent and predictable production for small-part lots or exceptionally high-part production volumes.
With preengineered fence systems, the spacing is determined by the length of the rails provided.
The air-sampling smoke detector offers SonicFlow ultrasonic flow sensing, a unique circular display, preengineered piping options, and easy installation and maintenance.
One interesting aspect of the booth is that Four columns and two crass ralls at each end are preengineered so that they serve as conduits For cables.