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v. pre·ex·ist·ed, pre·ex·ist·ing, pre·ex·ists
To exist before (something); precede: Dinosaurs preexisted humans.
To exist beforehand.

pre′ex·is′tence n.
pre′ex·is′tent adj.
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Noun1.preexistence - existing in a former state or previous to something else
being, beingness, existence - the state or fact of existing; "a point of view gradually coming into being"; "laws in existence for centuries"
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colonialism and acknowledge the preexistence of Indigenous peoples.
the preexistence of expansion and explication relative to the text waiting...
At issue is not the preexistence of the soul, but its return.
The existence of words thus presupposes the existence of human minds, so that it makes no sense to try to explain the existence of human minds in terms of the preexistence of words.
The most significant factor that determined future growth failure was the preexistence of growth failure (z-score < -1.95 vs.
preexistence itself, but what might constitute the nature of
Advances in agriculture, warfare, transport, even cookery are impossible without metal." (6) But the work with metals was extremely difficult and required the preexistence of technological advances which took many years to develop.
Regardless of this ambivalence, Weaver, following Yoder, is clear that modern Christians should read the New Testament not in ontological terms but in ethical and historical ones (275), despite the fact that some of the former language--language of preexistence, for example--is itself included in the New Testament narrative (Jn.
The question of whether geometrical objects preexisted their creation does not arrive because there can be no question of "preexistence", of a true "before".
Much can be argued against this, and it can be shown that when Gregory Nyssen criticized the preexistence of disembodied souls, he was not targeting Origen, who did not support it.
La preexistence des relations de cooperation fonctionnelles entre l'UBB et les universites de la region valide notre demarche.