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v. pre·ex·ist·ed, pre·ex·ist·ing, pre·ex·ists
To exist before (something); precede: Dinosaurs preexisted humans.
To exist beforehand.

pre′ex·is′tence n.
pre′ex·is′tent adj.
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Adj.1.preexisting - existing previously or before something; "variations on pre-existent musical themes"
antecedent - preceding in time or order
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adj preexistente
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13, 2019 (HealthDay News) -- Elderly prostate cancer patients with preexisting cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) using abiraterone acetate (AA) or enzalutamide (ENZ) have higher short-term mortality compared with their counterparts without CVDs, according to a study published online Aug.
However, funds earned from the preexisting cases flowed through an account of the S corporation.
The bill pretends to be about safeguarding Americans with preexisting health conditions.
Republicans primarily lost the House of Representatives in the midterms because their Democratic opponents convinced the public they wanted to take away their health benefits, and particularly the feature of coverage for preexisting conditions.
Where the Brookline zoning board granted a special permit to allow the owner of a house to add a dormer that would increase the home's preexisting nonconforming floor area ratio, that decision should be upheld based on the board's finding that increasing the preexisting nonconforming nature of the structure would not be substantially more detrimental to the neighborhood than the preexisting nonconforming use, as G.L.c.
22, he said: "Sean [Casten] has falsely accused me of being against protecting people with preexisting conditions and that was fact-checked by The Washington Post, who gave that four Pinocchios."
with preexisting conditions, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation
HEALTH CARE is a leading issue for voters, and the health factor most influencing votes this year is continuing protections for people with preexisting conditions, according to a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation.
In order to understand the crack initiation and propagation processes, a lot of laboratory tests were conducted on the samples with preexisting fractures [9-14].
A Brazilian disc with a preexisting inclined crack is a classic case of mixed mode fracturing.
With only about a year to go before the major elements of the Affordable Care Act take effect, federal health officials have released details on how health plans must cover individuals with preexisting conditions, as well as what types of health plans can be offered in state insurance exchanges.