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 (prĕf′ər-ə-bəl, prĕf′rə-)
More desirable or worthy than another; preferred: Coffee is preferable to tea, I think.

pref′er·a·bil′i·ty, pref′er·a·ble·ness n.
pref′er·a·bly adv.
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(21.) This juxtaposition on the preferability of "quehacer" to passivity, inevitably recalls a foundational leitmotif of twentieth-century Existentialism, namely Camusian rebellion.
Moreover, this may affect the acceptability and preferability of colonoscopy procedure in screening programs.
Roche focuses on a relatively weak precisification on which preferability is a matter of probability, and argues that it is false.
(26) Her discussion of Foucault's archaeology and genealogy, which stresses the differences and argues for the preferability of genealogy over archaeology, can be usefully compared with Lee Braver's account in his contribution (discussed below).
One important question concerns the preferability of disability-first ("disabled person") versus people-first ("person with disability") language.
The apple has been among the most consumed fruits around the world and of which preferability has been gradually increasing along with its use in the nutrition, food and drug industry (Zhang et al., 2010).
(159) This potentiality--that enhanced choice may not enhance welfare (160)--should fundamentally call into question the claim that consumer choice adds any democratic benefits, given that these benefits are contingent on the preferability of expanded individual choice.
Treatment is based on disease severity, presence of comorbidities, patients' tolerance and preferability to the treatment, treatment cost, and the availability of treatment options.
It can be seen that the standard errors of parameter estimates for jump diffusion model (4) are extremely small, confirming the preferability of the estimation methodology, and are mostly smaller than that of pure diffusion model (3) (Tables 3 and 4).
The Vacancies and Preferability of Emergency Medicine Training in Recent Years in Turkey.
The preferability of the decision tree method is due to having more advantageous in multicollinearity, outliers and missing data without needing any assumption on the distribution of independent variables (Mendes and Akkartal, 2009).
Such a preferability assessment could result in the company not being able to adopt the GAAP alternative.