preferred provider organization

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pre·ferred provider organization

n. Abbr. PPO
A health insurance plan in which members pay less for health care provided by professionals and hospitals affiliated with the plan.
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* Dental Preferred Provider Organization (DPPO), 43,4 percent;
Both indemnity and preferred provider organization medical plans are available.
For each drug therapy, testing will be coordinated through Best Test, which is a preferred provider organization of high-quality diagnostic service providers that offer evidence-based genetic and molecular testing.
Carlyle purchased MultiPlan, the largest independent preferred provider organization, or PPO, in the U.S.
A common plan design combines a high-deductible preferred provider organization (PPO) with an individual HRA out of which plan participants pay for routine care (see page 337).
MetLife Inc (NYSE:MET), a US-based insurance company, has announced that the company has added international dental travel assistance services as a standard feature to its Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)-based dental plans.
In the medical world, Eftekhari is better known as a healthcare innovator and the creator of the first Preferred Provider Organization in the United States.
In cooperation with the Northwest Illinois Physicians Association, FHN also owns the Northern Illinois Health Plan, a community-based preferred provider organization, with 18,000 members.
LLC has acquired and leased back a corporate headquarters building of HMS Healthcare, Inc., a private equity-owned holding company that owns and operates non-risk bearing Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) networks with a strong presence in Michigan and Colorado.
You'll have to choose between a health maintenance organization (HMO), preferred provider organization (PPO), or point-of-service plan (POS).
* Deductibles for preferred provider organization (PPO) in-network providers rose 37 percent to $276 in 2002, up from $201 last year.
This agreement marks the first initiative for Vital Living with a leading Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and augments Vital Living's existing distribution through medical institutions.

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