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Preparing for or occurring before flight.
tr.v. pre·flight·ed, pre·flight·ing, pre·flights
To check (an aircraft) for airworthiness before flight.

pre′flight′ n.


of or relating to the period just prior to a plane taking off



occurring or done before a flight.


[ˈpriːˈflaɪt] ADJanterior al despegue


adj attr preflight checks/instructionsKontrollen pl/Anweisungen plvor dem Flug
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After that, I have been adamant about accounting for tools and flight-gear preflights.
My next command was a test squadron, and those pilots were a little better about doing a preflight inspection of their survival gear.
And some of them begin where all preflights should begin, with the official legwork and paperwork required for flight.
Sure, you can follow the diagram laid out in the pilot's operating handbook, or routinely drone through a do-list of items a mile long that are spelled out in the aircraft's preflight check list, but if you don't understand what problems you are looking for, what's the point?
In our self-induced rush to get the spare started, we hurried our preflights.
As an experienced aviator, I know the value of a good preflight.
According to the FAA, the General Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC) and the NTSB have determined that "a significant number of general aviation fatalities could be avoided if pilots were to conduct more thorough preflight inspections of aircraft that have just been returned to service.
An advanced preflight, according to the FAA's flyer, is one that "goes beyond the normal preflight checklist" by obtaining a "maintenance history of the aircraft and developing an additional items checklist.