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Of or relating to the period of time before an athletic competition.
A party or other social gathering that occurs before an athletic competition: We went to the pregame and ate burgers.
v. pre·gamed, pre·gam·ing, pre·games Slang
To drink alcoholic beverages before (an event or social gathering): We pregamed the party.
To drink alcoholic beverages before an event or social gathering.


(General Sporting Terms) a period before a sports match
(General Sporting Terms) of the period before a sports match


1. being or occurring before a game: the pregame warmup.
2. a pregame interview.
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Manager Joe Maddon ended Tuesday's pregame media briefing by honoring Danville American Legion Post 210.
Ravena on Monday made his first basketball appearance since May 2018 after being suspended by FIBA for unknowingly taking a pregame supplement that contained banned substances under the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list.
He expressed these views while chairing a high level meeting regarding Dengue, Malaria and Leishmenai control pregame, says a press release.
Each broadcast will begin with the Fireflies pregame show 15 minutes before first pitch.
.2075471698113 The @MiamiHEAT honor @chrisbosh pregame before No.
The company has replicated the approach to its Sunday afternoon NFL package, where its marquee sponsors--including Ford (pregame show), Visa (halftime show) and Lowe's (The OT)--have been entrenched for more than a decade.
Nestled between the Thad Cochran Center and the Century Park South residential complex, Spirit Park plays host to the Southern Miss pregame radio shows.
I told the players during the pregame huddle that they have to make sure to take control of the things and how we're going to react or respond to the challenge,' Robinson said.
All fans are encouraged to participate in pregame activities and network with educators and industry leaders.
KTLA5 will also air SportsNet LAs flagship pregame show, Access SportsNet: Dodgers, prior to every simulcast game.
Every Sunday home game will have family-oriented activities, including pregame player autographs, inflatable games, face painters and a family activity station.
WALES captain Alun Wyn Jones is ready "for a chat with Uncle Eddie" after laughing off the England coach's pregame comments.