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tr.v. pre·heat·ed, pre·heat·ing, pre·heats
To heat (an oven, for example) beforehand.

pre·heat′er n.


an appliance used to preheat something
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Tenders are invited for Notice inviting tender for procurement of ag feed preheat coil assembly (e204) in primary reformer convection zone in ammonia v plant at rcf trombay
The energy uses for the FPTU fan, the FPTU heating coil, the primary fan (air handler), the chiller, the preheat coil, and the total plant are also listed in Table 6.
If the outdoor air is so cold that that the mixture of outdoor air and bypassed air containing the minimum outdoor air flow rate is colder than the SAT setpoint, then the preheat coil is initiated to heat the outdoor air until the mixed air reaches the SAT setpoint.
Features include dual boilers, a preheat coil, a fully saturated brew group, and software that distributes power to the elements that need it most.
Sieve [*] Conventional System with First-cost comparison System Exclu-Sieve [*] Equipment cost $56,000 $110,000 [*] Installation/ductwork $28,000 $23,000 Required chiller/cooling tower $91,000 $43,000 capacity (260 tons) (123 tons) Electric preheat coil [**] $7,000 (543 kW) $0 (0 kW) Total first cost $182,000 $176,000 First cost savings with $6,000 Exclu-Sieve [*] (*.) Includes cost of controllable pitch vane axial supply and exhaust fans with sound attenuation.
Energy Use for the Temperature Control Approach in Houston FPTU Fan, FPTU Coil, Primary Fan, Primary Chiller, Capacity Factor kWh kWh kWh kWh 0% 1839 15,914 1344 68,901 25% 1669 15,891 1339 68,725 50% 1664 15,849 1338 68,637 Preheat Coil, Total Plant Energy, Capacity Factor kWh kWh 0% 1095 89,092 25% 1095 88,719 50% 1095 88,583 Table 7.
We occasionally have temperatures below freezing, and many of our AHUs are equipped with a hot water preheat coil located after the mixed air plenum and in front of the cooling coil (see Figure 1).
In the model, the preheat coil was located downstream of the mixing of return and outdoor air.
Using a single coil had the added benefit of eliminating the fan energy penalty associated with the more typical practice of using a heat recovery heat coil supplemented with a preheat coil. Data collected on this system's operation indicates that it averages approximately 3 billion Btus (880 MWh) of waste heat recovery per year, with 35% of the total extracted from the building exhaust.
The supply side consisted of a preheat coil, a system air mixer, a primary cooling coil, and a supply fan.
the preheat coil control valve will start opening when the reheat coil cannot maintain the preset hot deck temperatures.
That DOAS unit is sometimes outfitted with a preheat coil and an unnecessarily high discharge air setpoint in the winter (e.g., 60[degrees]F [16[degrees]C]).