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His analysis documents the dedication of successive generations of prehistorians and archaeologists to this purpose.
Bringing together a very rich body of material, much of it previously published only in Russian, the work offers a great boost to German-reading prehistorians dealing with this region; there are summaries in Russian and English, in addition to which the Anglophone research community may refer to the concise account given in Piezonka (2012).
Prehistorians became conscious of the phylogenetic antiquity of aesthetical and symbolical behaviors (Lorblanchet, 2002: 159).
Further, in suggesting that this putative act of charity helped deal with the dangers of the gate area as liminal space, he cites an article by prehistorians M.
Such schemes bear a certain resemblance to those used by prehistorians who consider that farming and the use of metals developed in the Near East.
The fundamental assumption made by most conventional prehistorians is that human development over the millennia has happened only gradually and in certain preordained patterns--hunting-gathering, then agriculture, and so forth.
As prehistorians our data base is comprised of inert physical matter (stones, bones, pots), unmediated by ancient texts and entirely dependent on the excavator for its recovery, interpretation and narrativization.
British prehistorians have been looking for ways to systematically separate everyday from exceptional ritual practices.
Prehistorians produced evidence of ancient art and eel farming and permanent buildings were discovered in the south-east (eg.
As a result prehistorians were appointed at some universities, including the ANU, where I got a post in the Department of Anthropology in the Research School of Pacific Studies for which John was in no position to apply at the time.
Auel were both responses to the rise of feminism in the 1960s, and to the largely male, if not misogynistic, assumptions of both prehistorians and pf writers.
Every expert I spoke to, from early-modern specialists back to prehistorians, claimed that their age had witnessed the 'birth' of something.