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He covers antiquarians and patriots; national prehistories in the German-Danish wars; discovery and rediscovery at Haithabu; nationalism, science, and the search for origins; prehistory and the popular imagination; creating Nazi archaeology; and the fate of archaeology in the borderlands.
Among their topics are megaliths and memory, standing stones and the poetry of prehistory, erratic prehistories of East Anglian stones from the early 20th century, archaeology and artistic perspectives, megaliths in popular culture, supernational nationalism and New Age ecology, prehistoric monuments in rock and roll, and prehistoric sites in British children's fantasy 1965-2005.
In a concise and ambitious opening chapter authors are challenged to critically evaluate concepts such as domestication, centres of origin and the farmer/gatherer dichotomy in defining agriculture as well as the scale of analysis suitable for the investigation of agricultural prehistories. The following papers provide a wealth of new information, at times overwhelming, of significance for both the narrative of ancient agriculture and methodology construction.