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tr.v. pre·judged, pre·judg·ing, pre·judg·es
To judge beforehand without possessing adequate evidence.

pre·judg′er n.
pre·judg′ment, pre·judge′ment n.
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Noun1.prejudgment - a judgment reached before the evidence is available
judging, judgement, judgment - the cognitive process of reaching a decision or drawing conclusions
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After a passage of what we feel to be true poetry, there follows, inevitably, a passage of platitude which no critical prejudgment can force us to admire; but if, upon completing the work, we read it again, omitting the first book -- that is to say, commencing with the second -- we shall be surprised at now finding that admirable which we before condemned -- that damnable which we had previously so much admired.
25M and more than $154,000 in disgorgement and prejudgment interest from commissions and fees earned on the improper sales.
When a UN Special Rapporteur cries out, like the Queen in Alice in Wonderland, 'First the judgment, then the trial', when she culls evidence only for what might support her prejudgment, she loses the moral high ground and is stripped of any credibility," Cayetano told the Human Rights Council.
40, in addition to prejudgment interest, to insurers that made payments to their insureds for property damage, business interruption, and other claims arising from the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
The SEC seeks permanent injunctions, which includes enjoining Singer from participating in future unregistered offerings; disgorgement; prejudgment interest; and penalties.
He said peace would have a better chance if Christians, Muslims and lumad engage in a continuing dialogue to shun all types of biases and prejudgment.
The SEC seeks disgorgement of allegedly ill-gotten gains plus prejudgment interest and penalties, permanent injunctive relief, and penny-stock bars against the defendants, as well as officer and director bars against Carter and Kirkbride.
After reading "A matter of prejudgment,'' (editorial, Telegram & Gazette, Nov.
11, ASC Bulding Products is claiming breach of contract and seeking payment, finance and interest charges, attorney costs and fees, prejudgment interest and additional relief as the court deems just and equitable.
He called on the international community to adopt a realistic view about Syria's developments, including the Syrian presidential election and avoid prejudice and prejudgment.
However, one of the ongoing problems that aquaculture products must overcome is the prejudgment of taste.