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Theology Of or relating to the period before the fall of Adam and Eve.

[pre- + Latin lāpsus, fall; see lapse + -arian.]


(Theology) characteristic of or relating to the human state or time before the Fall: prelapsarian innocence.


(ˌpri læpˈsɛər i ən)

Theol. occurring before the Fall.
[1875–80; pre- + Latin lapsus a fall (see lapse) + -arian]
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Adj.1.prelapsarian - of or relating to the time before the Fall of Adam and Eve
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One can imagine the heartsick faithful turning toward this oasis of leafy tranquility, longing for an escape to some prelapsarian era before vast swathes of their historic homeland fell to the ravages of the Islamic State.
Haskin continues to explain how his reading "augments], therefore, the important study of Victoria Kahn [which] has provided a valuable corrective against the facile inference that prelapsarian interpretive difficulties show that 'Adam and Even are somehow fallen before their acts of disobedience.
Here was cricket, at its most exalted level, reminding us of the innocence of the game in its pristine, prelapsarian state.
After God to what can we turn but to "Innocence" and the prelapsarian state?
With stories like this, some in the West tend to wax rhapsodic about Italy as an exemplar of craft, design and manufacturing working in prelapsarian harmony.
We didn't want to go back to some sort of prelapsarian Irish peasant sort of style.
Climate change ethnography is an emerging genre in environmental anthropology, which is basically a declension narrative, as the historians say, a narrative that privileges moral decay, loss of community amid the deterioration of meaningful space that once existed during some sort of a prelapsarian past.
Many careful readers of this account have noticed the vegetarian ethic that seems to have been the norm in prelapsarian paradise: "See, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food" (Gen.
One might see performance art as best poised to respond to this demand, but it does so at the risk of positing liveness as a state of ontological purity, a dream of a return to some prelapsarian moment before the invention of radio threw into crisis the previously strong binary opposition between the live and the mediated.
Behind its outrage, however, lies nostalgia for a prelapsarian Wall Street of trust and plain dealing, which is a total mirage.
But a more fundamental reason is that left nationalists, in common with many on the wider left, yearn for the prelapsarian era before the advent of Thatcherism, when the industrial working class still exercised power, the service sector knew its place, and feral finance capital was safely chained up.
Digression and waving lines are thus linked to sin, but also prelapsarian bliss, and indeed tie the two states together.