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 (prĕl′ə-chər, -cho͝or′)


another name for prelacy1


(ˈprɛl ə si)

n., pl. -cies.
1. the office or dignity of a prelate.
2. the order of prelates.
3. the body of prelates collectively.
4. the system of church government by prelates.
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Noun1.prelature - prelates collectively
clergy - in Christianity, clergymen collectively (as distinguished from the laity)
2.prelature - the office or station of a prelate
berth, billet, post, situation, position, office, place, spot - a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury"
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They have unanimously chosen the Duyog Marawi project of the Prelature of St.
Proceeds of the event will go to the Duyog Marawi project of the Prelature of St.
Mary's Cathedral, the seat of the Prelature of Marawi.
Zamboanga City plays host to over 2,000 Catholic youth from different dioceses, prelature, and organizations in the Philippines for this years National Youth Day (NYD) gathering from Nov 6-10.
Teresito Soganub, vicar general of the Prelature of Marawi, has been freed after almost four months of captivity A local Maute terror group captured Soganub and other church workers at Marawi Cathedral May 23 as fighting began in the city By Sept.
Le prelature personali e le loro relazioni con le strutture territoriali, II Diritto Ecclesiastico 1 12 (2001) 22-49.
On August 15, 1978, he was ordained a priest at the Opus Dei Prelature by Cardinal Franz Konig, Archbishop Emeritus of Vienna, at the Shrine of Torreciudad, Spain.
At this point in the narrative, Tedaldo denounces the hypocrisy of those who "sgridano contra gli uomini la lussuria, accio che, rimovendosene gli sgridati, agli sgridatori rimangano le femine; essi dannan l'usura e i malvagi guadagni, accio che, fatti restitutori di quegli, si possan fare le cappe piU larghe, procacciare i vescovadi e l'altre prelature maggiori di cio che mostrato hanno dovere menare a perdizion chi l'avesse" (3.
OCLADE is a non-profit NGO established and run by the Catholic Church of the Prelature of Humahuaca.
In 1935 the Armenian Prelature recorded 3,819 Armenians in Cyprus: 102 were "native Cypriots" (mainly residing in Nicosia), 399 resided at theMelkonian Educational Institute, while 3,318 were "refugees", namelygenocidesurvivors and their descendants.
He then returned to South America, where additional assignments included ministry with pastoral teams in the Carmelite Prelature of Sicuani in Peru, serving as assistant to the superior of the La Salette Region of Argentina when elected by his confreres as director of the Jose Ignacio Diaz House of Formation in Cordoba, and pioneering the mission in Bolivia, serving in Tarija and Cochabamba for many years.
Pope John Paul II made Opus Dei a personal prelature in 1982, and he named Don Alvaro its first prelate.