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Preparing for or relating to the studies that prepare one for the study of law.
A course of study or curriculum intended to prepare a student for law school.
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Business majors were matched with successful entrepreneurs; prelaw scholars clerked with sitting federal judges; aspiring diplomats shadowed a corporate vice president of intergovernmental affairs on his trips to speak with the European Union Parliament.
for the devout by The National Jurist's PreLaw Magazine, winter 2014 issue.
and Guliuzza's (Dean of Academic Affairs at Patrick Henry College and former President of the Western Association of Prelaw Advisors and Chair of the Pre-Law Advisors National Council) book offers answers to common questions for prelaw school students in regards to law school admission and preparation.
The Council on Legal Education Opportunity (n6) provides prelaw recruitment, counseling, placement assistance and training for minority and low income students seeking legal careers.
Although many prelaw students place a high value on these rankings, Justice Thomas said the obsession with them causes discrimination against students who attend lower-tiered law schools.
For Molly, who was pursuing prelaw 1 year after graduation, the heating and cooling trade she studied in school was a field in which she had yet to gain work experience, but it provided "something to fall back on if the law thing doesn't work out.
She planned to begin a prelaw program there, said her mother, Cottage Grove resident Linda Flagg.
Roughly a dozen students at each school--most in business, prelaw, premed or theology studies--were chosen by priests, campus ministers and lay ministers within their campus chapels for the year of training.
Having studied prelaw as an undergrad at Stanford and mostly struggled for a decade as a screenwriter and cinematographer after film school at USC, Roach's path to becoming one of the top comedy directors in Hollywood was far from assured.
Julie Van Camp is a philosophy professor and prelaw adviser at California State university at Long Beach who maintains an extensive website called Freedom of Expression at the National Endowment for the Arts.