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Preparing for or relating to the studies that prepare one for the study of medicine: a premedical student; premedical courses.


1. (Medicine) of or relating to a course of study prerequisite for entering medical school
2. (Medicine) of or relating to a person engaged in such a course of study: a premedical student.
preˈmedically adv


(priˈmɛd ɪ kəl)

of, pertaining to, or engaged in studies in preparation for the formal study of medicine.
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Adj.1.premedical - preparing for the study of medicine; "premedical students"
2.premedical - preceding and preparing for the study of medicine; "premedical courses"
preceding - existing or coming before


adj (US) courseauf das (eigentliche) Medizinstudium vorbereitend attr
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11,16,19,23,28 This difference may be attributed to the differences in the teaching methodologies which are used at the premedical level.
There are variations in the learning preferences of the medical students from different countries which could be related to the differences in the teaching methodologies being used at the premedical level and the exposure to the hands on clinical experiences in the first year of the medical curriculum.
The college's recently introduced Six-Year Medical Program comprises a two-year Premedical Curriculum and a four-year Medical Curriculum, and also provides many opportunities for students to engage in biomedical research projects.
In premedical female group Javaria Zahir, Laiba Munib and Saman Mehmood secured first three positions while in pre-medical male group Hmza Mohammad Jafar, Aazan Habib odhi and Babar Ali got first three positions respectively.
Effects of mindfulness-based stress reduction on medical and premedical students.
This study informs important implications for how to better support the well-being of not only physicians who are called to medicine, but also premedical and medical students who might espouse a medical calling.
Foundation and second-year Premedical students at Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar (WCM-Q) celebrated the successful completion of their programmes.
WCM-Q offers an integrated six-year Medical Program consisting of a two-year Premedical Curriculum and a four-year Medical Curriculum.
The program comes with its very own premed planner to help premedical students begin tracking for their future.
As his academic career progressed, he published 5 papers (2-6) in the Journal of Urology between 1944 and 1961, and taught premedical courses at Marshall.
Challenging traditional premedical requirements as predictors of success in medical school: the Mount Sinai School of Medicine Humanities and Medicine Program.
Others include a premedical school, an engineering academy, law academy and teaching academy.