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Of, relating to, or occurring in the period just before menstruation.

pre·men′stru·al·ly adv.


(Physiology) in a premenstrual manner
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In one very small double-blind, placebo-controlled study in 1991 (N=24, with efficacy data for 20), participants received a 2-week course of oral magnesium premenstrually.
The herbal formula contains oestrogen-modulating and phytoestrogen herbs that the author proposes and counterbalances the physiological decline in oestrogen that occurs premenstrually, in a similar way to the soy isoflavone counter-balancing action.
Williams and Cunliffe (23) have stated that acne worsens premenstrually in 60-70% of females.
A diagnosis of premenstrual dysphoric disorder indicates significant psychiatric morbidity that interferes with function, not an underlying psychiatric disorder that gets worse premenstrually.
A woman's hormonal cycle may affect her anxiety disorder, with symptoms getting worse premenstrually.
The first was an open study of 1600 women who had cyclic mastalgia premenstrually.
Women studied in China, India and Hong Kong either don't report negative moods premenstrually or don't attribute them to PMS, Ussher said.
Premenstrual symptoms are common in women of reproductive age with an estimated 30% of women bothered by premenstrually experienced symptoms (Tschudin, Bertea, & Zemp, 2010).
This category is more likely to occur years after the onset of menarche and can occur premenstrually as well as during menstruation.
The same approach can be helpful for women who report heightened anxiety premenstrually, she said.